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Oh no!

If you\’re at this page, it\’s most likely because you\’re having trouble emailing me. Maybe you\’re wondering why your email hasn\’t gotten through or maybe you received an email response with a link to this page. Either way, read below to understand why you might have been blocked.

If you recently sent me a bulk email of any kind, take me off your list. Seriously.

I aggressively block email addresses and domains of people who send me annoying email. Annoying email most often includes solicitations, press releases, promotions, or marketing email lists that I didn\’t sign up for. Your best bet is to review the guidelines at my contact page to understand why your email address might have been blocked and move on.

There is no way to query if your email address has been blocked. I don\’t provide a tool for people to look up if your email address is bloced, nor do I respond to questions about this.

99% of the time, if I have blocked you, you know the reason and it’s not a mistake. Do yourself a favor and move on.

If you have a reason to get in touch with me that is consistent with the guidelines on my contact page and you have already attempted to email me, fill out the form below.

Please note that I need all of the information below in order to reference your original email.

Note that there is only one field for email address. If your email was sent to me from an address that I cannot respond to, you\’re sending out spam and I\’m not interested in hearing from you. Close this page and move on.

If it has been more than 30 days since you originally emailed me, your email was likely deleted.