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Team Leader. Business Consultant.
Writer. Traveler. Aviator

Be human. Be honest. Be curious.
Welcome to my home on the web.


Aaron Hurd in front of a sign that says "We're here to help." at the Capital One Cafe at the Mall of America.

Welcome to my home on the web. This page is primarily a parking lot for small projects and a landing page for people looking to find me online.

If you are a recruiter, interested in connecting, please send me a connection request on LinkedIn. If you are an editor looking for a freelance contributor, please contact me either on LinkedIn or through my Contact page.

Current projects

Flying – I earned my instrument rating in late 2023, which means I can now legally fly in the clouds. Unfortunately, in Minnesota in the winter, clouds mean icing and icing tends to not work out so well for small planes, so I’ll have to wait until summer to really get up in the clouds. In early 2024, I’m working on getting checked out in a Piper Arrow, which means a complex endorsement. I’ll also be working on getting my Fundamentals of Instruction exam done. After that, it’s on to the ground instructor certifications.

CardsAndPoints.comCards and Points is my take on everything credit cards, points, and travel rewards. When I’m writing for other sites, I don’t make the editorial decisions about what to cover or (often) how to structure content. With, I can, and that leads to me covering some cards and categories that others won’t cover because, frankly, they aren’t monetizable. But one of my north-stars is writing for the audience first and that is starting to pay off. Traffic is currently growing about 10% week-over-week, which is amazing to see.

Freelance writing – I continue to write content about credit cards, travel rewards and personal finance for major outlets like TIME, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Nerdwallet, Bankrate, Newsweek, The Points Guy and a handful of other private clients. In late 2023, I was the lead contributor on the team that launched Newsweek Vault. If you want to work with me, check our my freelance writing page.

Travel – I’ve got a bunch of travel planned for 2024. Trips include Mexico, New Zealand, Portland, Florida, Fresno, and more. Most of it planned with miles and points, of course!