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Team Leader. Business Consultant.
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Be human. Be honest. Be curious.
Welcome to my home on the web.


Welcome to my home on the web. This page is primarily a parking lot for small projects and a landing page for people looking to find me online.

If you are a recruiter, interested in connecting, please send me a connection request on LinkedIn. If you are an editor looking for a freelance contributor, please contact me either on LinkedIn or through my Contact page.

Current projects

Website migration and cleanup – As of June 4, I am in the process of migrating this site to a new host and doing a bit of digital cleanup. Apologies if some things are broken.

Flying – As of mid 2023, I am a certificated private pilot, working on upping my general aviation game and pursuing my instrument rating. This will allow me to fly in conditions where I can’t maintain visual reference to the ground. Practically, I’m pursuing the instrument rating to become a more competent, safer pilot.

Cards and Points – In late 2022, I launched Cards and Points, a personal finance site that shows its readers how to get the most value out of their credit cards, banking products and personal finance choices. Unlike many of the other sites I write for, this site focuses on cash and cash equivalent credit card rewards. My audience isn’t the “travel hacking” community, but rather the everyday person who just wants a bit more value out of their wallet.

Public speaking – I have booked several public speaking engagements in the next year, so you\’ll see me out on the road in 2023. In October 2022, I presented to a standing-room only crowd at the Chicago Seminars, a frequent flyer and travel hacking conference. If you want to book me for public speaking about travel, miles and points, personal finance or business strategy send me a message.

Going full-time freelance – At the beginning of 2022, I made the decision to go full-time freelance. This was a deliberate choice made for a long list of reasons but at the top of the list was a desire to have more flexibility in where and how I work. Going freelance was one of the best choices I made in my career.

Freelance writing – In 2022, I picked up a ton of freelance writing clients. I now write or have written for Forbes, Nerdwallet, Bankrate,, The Wall Street Journal, The Points Guy and a handful of other private clients. If you want to work with me, check our my freelance writing page.