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Freelance Writing

Do you want to connect with an expert who writes about credit cards, banking, travel, loyalty programs, and personal finance? Do you need help developing your content strategy? If you’re ready to work with someone who knows his stuff, let’s talk.

When you work with me, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Expert-level work that builds credibility with readers. – You want a well-recognized expert that brings credibility and authority. Content I write comes with the authority of someone who has been published by outlets like WSJ, Forbes, Rolling Stone, and TIME.
  • No ChatGPT, No outsourcing. – You’re paying for my expertise and my voice. I never outsource my writing and I never use generative AI tools to write for me.
  • Quality work that saves your editors time. – You know that getting quality work from freelance writers means less work for your editors and faster content production. I fact-check, I proofread, and I limit the amount of writing I do so that I can deliver excellent quality.
  • Deadlines met, 100% of the time. – You need the people you work with to meet deadlines. Most freelancers struggle with this. I don’t. Every piece of content I say “yes” to gets put on my calendar and often you’ll get it well ahead of your deadline. If I commit to getting you a piece of content on a certain date, you will have it on that date. Guaranteed.

Content strategy. Most of my writing clients engage with me for at least some content strategy work. Whether you’re trying to figure out your site’s niche, develop a content production plan, or create assignment templates that get you what you need from writers, I can help. I’ve helped top-tier publications to develop every element of content strategy, plus content schedules, templates, and tools.

If you need a writer or a content strategist, let’s work together to make some awesome things happen!

Experienced, trusted expert writing.

I have written for many of the premier outlets covering credit cards, banking, travel rewards and personal finance. I have hundreds of bylines, including with all of the brands you see scrolling across this page.

Ready to work with an expert? Let’s talk.

Published work

Want to see some of what I’ve published? Here are a few things that I’ve published, organized by topics I commonly write about.

Credit cards, credit card rewards programs, and benefits
The Best Gas Credit Cards of 2023 –
The Best Balance Transfer Credit Card with No Balance Transfer Fees – Buy Side from WSJ
10 Things to Know About the Amex Centurion Black Card – Nerdwallet
Battle of the Premium Cards: Which One in Right for You? – Forbes Advisor
Trip Delay Insurance Explained – Nerdwallet

Banking (Checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs)
Wells Fargo Bonuses and Promotions – Forbes Advisor
Marcus Savings Account Interest Rates – Forbes Advisor

Personal finance
Yes, You Can Put Your Taxes on a Credit Card – BuySide from WSJ
What is a FICO Score? – Know Better Plan Better
Can I Still Apply for Student Loan Forgiveness? – Know Better Plan Better
What is Tax-Loss Harvesting? – Know Better Plan Better

Frequent flyer programs and guides
Guide to Spirit Airlines Free Spirit – Bankrate
Guide to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club – Bankrate
What is Delta Status Worth – Nerdwallet

Hotel loyalty programs and guides
Guide to Choice Privileges – Bankrate
7 Things to Know about Hilton Status Matches – Nerdwallet

Port vs. Starboard: Which Side Is Better on a Cruise Ship? – Nerdwallet
What is a Redress Number? – Nerdwallet

Author Pages

Want to see more of my work? Most of the places I work with have author pages that link to the articles I have published with them. I invite you to explore some of the work I’ve done for my clients.

Buy Side from the Wall Street Journal
Forbes Advisor
Know Better Plan Better
Rolling Stone
Robb Report
The Points Guy
TIME Stamped