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Thought Leadership

I have published and contributed a number of thought leadership pieces on various topics. Below is a selection of my published thought leadership, organized by topic. The bottom of this page contains links to various author profiles at places where I publish often. In addition, I publish articles on my blog.

Travel and Lifestyle

Travel Insurance vs. Credit Card Coverage: What is the Difference – Credit cards and insurance providers offer a myriad of travel insurance coverages. This overview covers the most common types of travel insurance coverage that come with credit cards and what you can purchase ala-carte through travel insurance providers.

The Secret to Traveling on the Cheap: Traveling Opportunistically – An overview of how some \”travel hackers\” travel, focusing on opportunistically seeking out deals on airfare.

Credit Cards and Loyalty Programs

Complete Guide to Redeeming Miles and Points – An overview of the different types of miles and points systems, including fixed-value, variable-value and transferable points. In this article, I also cover airline award pricing structure, hotel category pricing, hybrid awards and common points redemption options.

Should I Get a Corporate Credit Card – A guide for executives considering whether to offer corporate credit cards for travel and expense purchases. This guide covers the pros/cons of corporate credit card products including credit reporting, liability structure, rewards and systems integration.

Cash Back Vs. Flexible Rewards Points: How To Decide What’s Right For You – I present an overview of two different types of credit card rewards and give consumers points to consider when selecting a rewards scheme.

United Gateway Card 2021 Review – I was asked by the editors at Forbes to publish a launch-day review feature of United Airlines\’ co-branded airline credit card.

How to Choose The Right Award Booking Service – An overview of services that offer assistance using miles and points to book premium travel.

3D Printing

The Business Case for 3D Printing Spare Parts – In this webinar, I take a strategic view of aftermarket spare parts production, present a framework for understanding costs in production and propose 3D printing as one solution for escalating fixed costs of production.

3D Printing is Additive to Supply Chain Agility – A strategic perspective on what 3D printing has to offer supply chains and manufacturing in the wake of global supply chain disruptions caused by trade uncertainty. (Link is via the Internet Archive)

The Little Blue Book of 3D Printing (Editor) – A guide to understanding 3D printing through examples of real-world use cases.

A Blueprint for 3D Printing (Editor) – A complete guide to the businesses use cases for 3D printing, from production t maintenance and aftermarket.

Author Profiles

Links to various author profile pages where I have published frequently.

Forbes Advisor – Forbes Advisor covers personal finance and personal finance products.

Robb Report – Robb Report feature luxury-lifestyle content, including travel and aviation.

Rolling Stone – Rolling Stone is a monthly publication covering music, politics and popular culture. – is a 3D printing industry trade publication.

Additive Blueprint – Many articles published by the Blueprint consulting team are available at the Internet Archive.